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This looks pretty cool-ish. - Sophie — LiveJournal
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January 2012

Date: 2005-06-13 01:24
Security: Public
Mood:curious curious
Tags:memes, public
Subject: This looks pretty cool-ish.

[comments screened and IP logging off] [2005-08-14: IP logging is back on for anonymous users. I still wouldn't really use it though.]

Reply if you have, or have had at any time, a crush on me. All entries are screened. Then post this in YOUR journal and see how many have secretly lusted for you. Also, I would like to know WHY, please, because I'm interested in things like that. No pressure, though. (Anonymous comments are fine too.)

(I don't think anybody apart from maybe a couple of people I already know will reply to this, but hey, I could be surprised... :D)

[Edit: Just noticed that anonymous comments aren't possible in a friend-only post, so this post is now public. Fear not, the comments will still be screened, so feel free to say whatever you want as no one else will see it. And if you want to be anonymous, you can do that now.]

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