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If Zero Wing took place in RinkChat...

Nyperold has left.
Maryam has left.
iwpg has left.
captain: omg wut happen???
Sam: Oops. Server problem. Be right back.
* Sam fixes the problem.
Nyperold has entered.
iwpg has entered.
Maryam has entered.
operator: yay we get signal!!!!
captain: wut
cats has been invited to the room by operator.
cats has entered.
captain: omgomg its u!!!!!11
cats: how r u dudez?
cats: i rooted rinkwroks lolz all ur site is belong to me
Sam: captain, cats: Kindly knock it off.
captain: wut
captain: no
cats: rm -rf *
cats: ur data is goin lolz
cats: have fun
operator: captain do smth!!!!
Sam: Um, I do have a backup.
cats: damn
cats: um
captain: yay sam!! lolz
Sam: That's it. I know what I'm doing.
cats has been banned from RinkChat by Sam.
captain has been banned from RinkChat by Sam.
operator has been banned from RinkChat by Sam.
cats has left.
captain has left.
operator has left.
Sam: For great justice.

(yes, the above was completely fabricated by yours truly. But it was fun.)
Tags: creativity, public, rinkchat
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