Sophie (soph) wrote,

Reflections on the election ruckus

(originally posted on a message board I go to after reading the posts there and being angry about what was happening there. I'm not abandoning the social experiment in my last few posts that you might be able to read if you're friended; I just felt this has to be cross-posted. It was originally directed towards US readers, hence the "Your country" reference in the last paragraph. This is a public post.)

You know what? I'm seriously fed up of people being so anti-Bush and spitting venom.

Being President isn't easy. For anybody. Presidents have feelings too, believe it or not, and when everybody comes crawling out of the woodwork to spit and hiss, it probably feels utterly dejecting and demoralising. I'm sure you know how I mean.

As a non-US citizen, and one who doesn't take a lot of interest in politics, I haven't researched enough about either Bush or Kerry to know what the real consequences of electing either one would have been. I thus have no opinion on whether Bush is going to be a good President. I equally have no opinion on whether Kerry would have made a good one. But I do have an opinion on people who go out of their way to direct hatred towards either one. It is, quite frankly, sickening and boring.

What's done is done. Your country elected a President. You have him, for better or for worse, for the next four years. There's absolutely nothing to be gained by ranting about it now. Deal with it... please?

[edited 2006-10-31: Fixing a typo.]
Tags: america, public, rants
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