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(this is a public post, so that people who aren't subscribed to LJ but have accounts on can read it too)

My hosting company, CyberPixels (who hosts, has been pissing me off lately. Not deliberately, of course, but some things really aren't good. As a result, after spending quite some time there, I feel the time has come for me to move.

Now, I used to work for this company, and as a result I'm getting free hosting (completely legitimate, don't worry). So for me to want to move off free hosting, there's gotta be quite a big reason. Unfortunately, the culmination of a few factors - namely, problems with CyberPixels, more experience with running a server than before, and some pretty sweet deals on VDSes - means that I have this reason.


I'll be moving to my Linode, which already hosts I've had this account for a few months now, and I have to say it's pretty darn good. I'm using a Linode 64, which should be more than enough for my site. If need be, though, upgrades are quick and easy. They also have a very, very cool control panel for the VDS, and of course, I also have root on the VDS, which opens up a lot more than I could do on a shared webhosting account before.

There are a lot of things to think about, though. I won't be doing this immediately, because I need to take steps to ensure that things go smoothly. lindra (and anybody else who has mail at, I'll need to talk to you about your email. I'll make sure you don't lose anything, but it may be necessary to redirect email to another email address for a bit of time. I won't do any of this without speaking to those affected first, of course.

People who are hosting sites on don't have as much to worry about - the setup process for them is much easier.

CyberPixels uses CPanel/WHM for the domain control panel - the new machine won't be using CPanel, mostly because I don't have the money for it, but also because I want to make a break and do as much as I can to manage the server myself. This will mean that I need to set some things up which I normally wouldn't, but I feel that it'll be better in the long run.

I've already copied all of my home directory to the new server, but the process of finding out exactly what other data needs to be preserved (forwarders, mail accounts, mailing lists, subdomains, etc) will take a bit more time, and of course I also need to transfer MySQL databases, etc. It's even possible that I might miss something. So, if you have any sort of account on and want to make sure I know of any special things I need to backup, please contact me. In particular, I will need to know the password for the accounts that are being transferred, so I can set them up on the new server. In short, if you have anything to do with, please contact me. My main address is ciaran (at), but if for any reason mail doesn't go there (which is entirely possible at the moment; the server is doing strange things with my quota), contact me at ciaranha (at) instead.

Account holders who don't contact me have nothing to worry about regarding their data - the data will all be safe; I'll do my utmost to ensure that. However, I may need to make a new password for your account if you can't remind me what the current password is, as I can't retrieve current passwords from the system. It won't be a problem to make a new password, but it makes life easier for everybody if the passwords are preserved.

Thanks for reading this. Again, none of this will happen until I've had a reasonable chance to speak with everybody affected, and even if I don't manage to speak to you, your data will not be lost. I would really prefer to hear from everybody affected by this, though, so I'll be emailing everybody I can think of with a link to this post.


Yay. Long posts are fun. Or something.
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