January 12th, 2005

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About journals...

[this is a public entry]

Lately I've been starting to think about working on my old journal's code again. I almost certainly won't be moving from LiveJournal but given that the journal code is released it makes sense to at least update it to allow commenting support. Plus, it doesn't have any documentation other than the comment lines in the code itself. It desperately needs documentation because it's not your typical script.

By the way, the impetus for this post and the last one (if you're on my friends list) came from this blog entry by my friend Tim detailing his SAFARI script and how it came about. My journal code features in there so you might be interested. :)

I first gave Tim the new code in February 2002, and it was all up and going in March. Here's how his blog originally looked. At this point the design of the journal was still very much hardcoded into the script, which explains why it looks so similar. (It also had no permalinks, as you can see! My basic blog design was *very* basic indeed.)

Over time, he worked to change the look completely, adding in comments and a more standard look to his blog. He synced once with my codebase in November 2002 (chronologically between the second and third links I gave) before adding commenting features, and so on. Remember that throughout all this the design was hardcoded, although the version of the code in November 2002 was a *lot* cleaner than the original was, making it easier to add/change features.

Today, the official code has support for more, including template support and monthly archive links. But it still has no commenting support, so that really needs to be sorted, I think.

By the way, is anybody interested in helping with development for it? Or perhaps documentation? It'd be appreciated. :)

[Update (3 Feb 2005): I started a new LJ, techciaran, which focuses on technical entries. Including stuff similar to this, except about making a new system entirely. Woot.]