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Windows data loss?

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I've just read of data loss *possibly* caused by a recent Windows update, and has so far been experienced by varying people on Windows XP, Vista and 7. Please read the article about it at, and this follow-up post.

If you have any information about it, or it's happened to you, please post about it on there; the more information that can be gained about it, the better.

[edit: I just made a comment on the first post with a transcript of the graphic they link to at the ending paragraph. It needs to go through moderation, but should appear soon. It just annoys me so much that a potential solution is linked to as a graphic. Come ON, people, accessibility isn't that hard. Heck, it was probably harder to screenshot than it would have been just to copy and paste...

Here's the transcript of the graphic, in case it doesn't make it through:

In my case Windows 7 did not delete the files, but for some reason moved them into a hidden system folder.
Enable hidden files and folder and then go to your D: drive (or whatever drive you originally stored the files on before the update) and look for a folder called $INPLACE.~TR . This is a hidden file that on my machine contained all of the files from this drive. I too thought all of my stuff was gone, but inside this folder you will find the structure like so: $INPLACE.~TR-> Machine-> DATA-> Your Files .
Hope this helps.

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