Sophie (soph) wrote,

Voice Post: On being adminned.

[this is a public post]

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“Okay, so, erm. I guess I need to make this voice post now. Erm... those of you not in LiveJournal Support will probably not know what this is all about, but here we go anyway. This is going to be a public post, so, erm.

My name is Ciaran. I am a support administrator. I admin Issue Investigation, so that makes me an Issue Investigation admin. I have admin privs, and I have membership in lj_supportadmin. I enjoy being an admin... especially because in Issue Investigation we don't *have* any simple FAQ references to answer. But if I did, I would enjoy them, even if I had to answer lots of FAQ references.

Erm, So yeah, that's it, and I guess I'll hang up now. Er, see ya. Bye.”

Transcribed by: soph

Or in other words, I'm now an admin in Issue Investigation in LiveJournal Support! And this voice post is kind of a ritual for new admins, hence why this post is public.
Tags: lj support, public, voice post

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