Sophie (soph) wrote,

On spam...

(this is a public entry)

Okay. So out of the 44 messages in my inbox as of this morning, 21 of them were spam. That's nearly 50%, people. *rolls eyes*

And it's only going to get worse if things stay as they are. Spam, unfortunately, is so cheap to send that just one buyer can pay for the spams sent to the next few thousand (if not more) people. It's even sillier as I don't expect the buyer is taken off any spam lists either - on the contrary, I expect that when they find a willing buyer, they're all too happy to send them "special offers" and suchlike in the hopes that they'll cough up even more money. Sigh.

This is something of a useless plea really, because of the above, but it has to be said. DON'T BUY ANYTHING, OR EVEN LOOK AT A WEBSITE FROM A SPAM! Even if it *is* something you want. You're only helping to piss off thousands of people when they get even more spams, and your own inbox probably won't be too empty either. You have been warned.

Thank you.
Tags: lecture, public, rants, spam

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